About University Collections

The once disparate and isolated collections are becoming a cohesive, cooperative entity that holistically considers all aspects of collections preservation, stewardship, and public accessibility. Such an approach both reinforces the value of IU's most prestigious collections and elevates those little-known, but still very important, collections across the state. University Collections at McCalla, located in the historic McCalla School, is the centerpiece for these efforts, where collections from Bloomington and other IU campuses are brought into conversation with one another, including collections in the visual arts, humanities, media, and beyond.

University Collections Executive Director, Heather Calloway, with the Ray Bradbury Center's Founding Director Jon Eller and current Director Jason Aukerman, surrounded by artifacts from the Bradbury collection.
Executive Director, Heather Calloway, creating a new exhibit display.
Associate Director, Brian Woodman, creating a new exhibit display.
Administrative and Project Coordinator, Erica Kendall, creating a new exhibit display.

University Collections staff creating an exhibit. Shown are Executive Director Heather Calloway, Associate Director Brian Woodman, and Administrative and Project Coordinator Erica Kendall.